Cancun seen and appreciated as a paradisiacal tourist place, offers us the most beautiful places where you can enjoy your visit, to achieve this we show you our accommodation services that we offer on our official website Domi Resorts located at different strategic points of the Cancun territory.
Our re-modeled facilities, the best view of the Caribbean, rooms with all the comforts and an excellent team that will always be attentive to your needs.

Playa del Carmen

If you have not yet visited the beautiful landscapes of Playa del Carmen, we strongly recommend you to take into account the following options to rest. The distinctive characteristics of each of these places is the unique comfort and exact location so you can enjoy all the senses of Playa del Carmen.
Rest in a comfortable bedroom, feel at home with its spacious kitchen, take advantage of the furniture and appliances available for guests, and each room has a toilet service. Enjoy the best services and attention.

And if you are planning to have a business meeting, you will not have to worry because we have ideal spaces for you and your colleagues.
This beautiful room has attracted a lot of attention and is becoming more popular. We are concerned about responding to market demands. In Playa del Carmen you can enjoy our two brands: Kaliyancy and papaya. Welcome to your reservation!





The style of these rooms are hotel-apartment. The distinctive feature of our spaces is that it has a homely design suitable to provide you with a unique lifestyle. The rooms have a hall, bedroom, kitchen and toilet. You can also find support for furniture and appliances as well as professional services, such as interior cleaning, change of bedding, or services for business meetings. Our departments combine privacy and interaction with the environment. This is why these spaces have attracted a lot of attention and it is becoming more popular. In response to the demands of the market, we have opened more and more spaces in the famous tourist place, Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Cancun includes the following five brands: Ocean Dream, Cancún plaza, Lombardo, Yalmakan (Bellevue Beach Paradise), Casa del niño, Arama.

All our apartments have TV, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and free parking.




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